Top 5 School Trip Destinations in the UK

Finding the balance of educational and exciting can be a challenge when it comes to arranging school trips for your classes. It’s a perfect opportunity for kids to learn outside of the classroom, a method that has shown incredible statistical results for motivating students to remember information. All across the UK, there are a number of great destinations that are ideal for schools to take their students to and the team at Money Pockets have compiled a list of the Top 5 School Trip Destinations in the UK so that you don’t have to!

1. NCCL Galleries of Justice (Nottingham)

NCCL has been delivering education programmes at the Galleries of Justice Museum in Nottingham for over 20 years. Through these activities we NCCL Justice Galleriesinspire young people to learn from the past, act in the present and change their future. Our enriching learning programmes take place within the stimulating legal heritage environment of the Museum. Students who visit us are able to explore the Edwardian Police Station, the old Georgian Prison, Victorian Courtroom, modern Youth Court, exhibition spaces about Prisons, Crime, Punishment, Robin Hood and the HM Prison Service Collection. Sessions are either facilitator or actor-led and designed to engage learners kinaesthetically with the buildings that they are in and to encourage children to ‘learn by doing’.

For booking information, visit the NCCL website at or call them on 0115 9939 811.

2. Shakespeare Birthplace Trust (Stratford upon Avon)

The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust offers high quality, experiential, educational workshops, fully immersing children in practical and creative learning. Our award-winning workshops are hands-on Shakespeare Birthplace Trustand interactive, adhering to and enhancing the National Curriculum whilst bringing Shakespeare and British history to life. From Key Stage 1 to A Level, we look forward to working with you, inspiring your students, and enriching their experience of William Shakespeare in memorable and rewarding ways.

If you are interested in bringing your pupils to Stratford upon Avon to spend a few days with us we can arrange full courses.. Have a look on our website to find out about the range of sessions on offer which can be tailored to the experience and needs of your pupils

3. Royal Air Force Museum (Shropshire)

Schools’ must pre-book a visit to Cosford to take part in workshops which focus on a range of National Curriculum subjects. The Let’s Fly workshop designed for Foundation and Key Stage 1. Royal Air Force MuseumChildren will gain an insight into the roles and operations of an airport and get to sit in a replica aircraft, once their passports have been stamped. In Spirit of the Blitz (KS2), children learn about the daily life of an ARP warden using a range of museum artefacts that will inspire curiosity. The workshop takes place in a wartime classroom with an Anderson shelter and real air raid siren.

The latest workshop activity to be launched is on the First World War in the Air and is entitled WWI – Life above the Trenches.Focussing on the life of a Royal Flying Corps pilot, children examine artifacts including uniforms, maps and letters to learn about the life of a pilot in the First World War.

You can find how to pre-book your visit the RFA Museum by visiting the website at or calling them on 01902 376241.

4. Bank of England Museum (London)

The museum hosts a variety of exhibits and displays including a rollerball game, jigsaws and an interactive timeline that navigates through the history of the financial storms. One of the more popular exhibits allows visitors to take the helm of a virtual boat to set monetary policy to keep inflation on a stable course. Other displays include a one million pound note, and a genuine gold bar which can be held!Bank of England Museum

The Bank of England Museum’s education programme is designed to support aspects of teaching in several curriculum areas for key stages 2 and above. It includes free cinema presentations tailored to suit the age and interests of the group (booking essential). The general admission to the museum is FREE but there are tours and other aspects that must be booked in advance, which can be done on their website at or calling 0871 423 2110.

5. The National Sealife Centre (Birmingham)

At the National SEA LIFE Centre, the idea out of the class room learning is used as a principal way to inspire children. There are a number of ways for you and your class to get the most out of youThe National Sealife Centrer visit. From a discovery tour around the centre with our resident experts, to a self-guided tour which allows you to delve deeper into the lives of some of the creatures we care for.

A school visit includes use of the 4D cinema, guaranteed lunch room facilities for you to eat your pack lunch, free teacher places*, interactive rock pool, and of course the chance to see incredible sea creatures from all over the world. Tickets are available from just £6 per student.
Here are some top tips for your visit!

To book, visit the NSC website at or call them on 0871 423 2110.

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