Better School Sports Days in 2018

Sports In Schools

It is hard to deny that sports, whether team based or individual, can have lots of positive impacts on children. Taking part in sports can aid physical and social development, contribute to academic success and help nurture a child’s self-esteem – to name but a few.

Sport has become so common place within UK schools that we have come to recognise Physical Education, or P.E, as a staple of school curriculum’s over the years. It is compulsory for children aged 4 – 16, but there has been concern from schools, parents, and governing bodies over the years that children are not spending enough time engaging in sports.

While many children may love playing sports, not all children enjoy or excel at what we would call traditional sports, which may mean that they don’t get the full benefits of participation. However, there is another way to encourage children to enjoy sport and exercise – sports days.

That being said Lockie Schools would like to help you organise a great sports day in your school in 2018, thanks to some with some handy tips, useful information and of course, our Money Pockets

Sports Days

Luckily, school sports days offer the perfect opportunity to encourage those children who may not ordinarily participate in sporting activities to do just that. Another additional benefit could be that they offer the chance for the school to bring in donations and sponsorship money to help reinvest within the school and local charities.

The games played at sports day go far beyond traditional events such as running and football and often include entertaining games such as the egg and spoon race and sack race – there is something for everyone!. If organised correctly they are very inclusive and can encourage participation from even the shyest and least active children.

There has been much made in recent years that sports days perhaps places unnecessary pressure on children to win, which has contributed to some negativity around such events. However, here at Lockie Schools we firmly believe that the positive impacts of school sports of children can far outweigh the negatives.

We are going to outline some of the main benefits below and offer some simple steps to help you organise a successful sports day at your school in 2018!

The benefits for children

Physical Well-being 

I am sure you will agree that technology has changed the way many of us spend our spare time. We spend more time watching television and playing video games than ever before and children are no exception to this trend. Alarmingly, one study in 2015 suggested that children aged 6-16  spend an average 6 1/2 hours in front of a screen each day!

It goes without saying that playing sports will raise their heart-rates and get their muscles pumping far more than watching a screen. Additionally, if a child gets the chance to try a new sport within the exciting and supportive sports day environment they may find themselves encouraged to play the sport outside of school. Perhaps this could be the start of a good habit for life?.

Social Skills

Playing sports can also help children to develop their social skills, which is an essential life-skill. Through an event like a sports day children get the chance to show leadership, teamwork and communication skills, as they interact with new people and face new challenges.

Take for example a three legged race. An event such as this would encourage children to work together to achieve the same goal. It also offers a good opportunity to bring together children that don’t normally interact with one another.

Improved Self Esteem

Participation in sports can have a positive impact on a child’s self-esteem and overall confidence levels. Ultimately, if a child is given the right encouragement from coaches, classmates, teachers and parents throughout the day it will help to build their self-confidence.

Moreover, this new found self-confidence has been shown to transfer itself into the classroom. In some cases it can help a child shake of any anxiety or doubt in their mind about speaking in front of class or answering a question they are not sure about.

Organising The Best Sports Day Ever Using Money Pockets

Step 1 – Where and when?

You need to ensure you find the most appropriate location and date for your sports day. Is there enough room? Is the location safe? Where will spectators sit? What will you do if it rains? Will you be able to transport any equipment to the location? Will you go outside in summer? Will you use the sports hall for a winter sports day?.

If you use our Money Pockets we can print the customised collection envelopes with the location, date and time of the sports day.

Step 2 – What games and events?

As mentioned above, not all children will enjoy traditional sports. This means having a mixed schedule of traditional sports, alternative games and other events will help the event to be as inclusive of possible.

Why not have a child and parent shared event? Why not use a water balloon catching game?.

If you send Money Pockets home to parents to ask for sponsorship or donations you can ask them to write down the event that their child would like to take part in on the envelope , that way you know which events will be most popular ahead of time and plan accordingly. 

Step 3 – Sponsorship / Donations

Our Money Pockets can help on this one too!. We can produce fully customised collection envelopes identifying the sports day details and displaying your school logo. This will make it easier to bring donations into the school and track sponsorship money for individual children. There are so many other things that you need to organise for an event such as this – so let us take the strain on this element for you.

Why not give us a call or drop us a message and let us do the rest?

Step 4 – Understand the rules of each game

Be clear on who is in charge of each event and be even clearer on the rules. How many people will take part in each event? How many rounds will there be? How will you know who has won?.

Step 5 – Prizes

You don’t need to put on a grand medal ceremony in which children are given 1st, 2nd and 3rd place awards…

Alternatively, you could give a small token gesture to everyone who participated in the event to knowledge their efforts. This one is up to you, as many schools are now shying away from giving out winners medals as this does imply those without a medal are haven’t achieved anything – which is by no means true.

It’s about getting the balance right and you know your school and your pupils better than we do. It might be a good idea to use Money Pockets to ask parents and local businesses to make donations specifically for the prize giving ceremony, if they don’t want to make another sort of donation.


Step 6 – Get enough help

Remember ‘many hands make light work’. It will take quite a lot of time to set everything up, keep things moving throughout the day and pack everything away when the final whistle blows. Why not invite parents to help? Or get local businesses to help out with refreshments?.

Step 7 – Have fun 

It goes without saying. After all the hard work in the build up to your school sports day it can be easy to get wrapped up with managing every little part of the day when it arrives. Organising such an event will always throw up last minute problems or schedule changes – just go with the flow.

Remember to let yourself jump, laugh, clap and cheer throughout the day!


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